the five stages of grief was recorded on mixed and mastered by todd ferguson on a macbook using Logic Studio except where noted below. on certain songs, the programs xrs and mev, running on a pc running beos, were used to arrange and transmit midi sequences to synthesizers or to arrange and sequence samples. guitars were recorded live through a behringer v-tone gmx212 or through a di. ibanez effects pedals and a crybaby wah were used on certain songs. vocals were recorded using a midnight blues 2000L mic, a shure sm58, a nady rsm-5 ribbon mic. Guitars on "Vampire" and vocals on "Forever" and "Infidelity," were recorded at Serenity Sound in Hollywood, CA. Engineering assistance was provided by the staff there (thanks Ryan, Ben, and Brian). other sounds were provided by software instruments, a korg n1 synthesizer, or sampled from freely available sources. inputs were provided by an alesis io|26 firewire interface.

the website's graphics were largely designed using the gimp on a mac. html was coded using komodo edit for the mac.

the website server is running apache 2 on debian gnu/linux.